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Visitors will be shown the Observatory facilities and the interior of one telescope together with an explanation of how the telescope works (guided by an acredited Starlight Guide). The total visit last 70-90 mins and the professional telescope chosen for the visit is designated by the Observatory.

IMPORTANT: General public please book your visit after reading all the relevant information & conditions including privacy policy. See also steps for reservation below.

* The Observatory (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias) may cancel your visit last minute due to technical reasons, due to adverse weather conditions (a yellow alert or higher) or else the state of the access road. We will notify you as soon as soon as we know it, but we cannot be held responsible for any of such changes as they are not under our control. Please provide us with mobile phone number that you will use while in La Palma (country code+number). In the event of cancellation we will contact you via sms message. Very seldom this may even happen on the day of your visit, but it is possible nevertheless*. We will be not held responsible if the phone number you have provided us with is not correct or you do not have network connection.  Important: See our cancellation policy and conditions.

* Visitors must be over 6 years old on the date of the reserved visit (due to health & safety reasons).

* Nocturnal visits are not allowed.

* Transportation to and from the visit´s meeting point and within the visit is not provided by the Observatory or us. Please have your own transport arranged prior to the visit.

* Visits are in Spanish and English only.

* TRAVEL AGENCIES please provide us with client phone number.

The activity is not available.


Visits will commence at the meeting point. You may access toilets here. Following the guide will make an general introduction to the Observatory and its international relevance. This introduction usually takes place out in the open, however, depending on weather conditions we may be forced to do it indoors or reduce timing. After the introduction, visitors will follow the guide (self-drive) to the designated telescope. Please, follow instruccions of the guide including health and safety instructions. Full detailed info by the Observatory here

Meeting point for the visit: Auxiliary building at the Observatory (after the crossroad on lp4 ). lat: 28º 45' 49'' N, lon: 17º 53' 37'' West. See map on lower part of the page here.

* Please be on time. If you are late, your visit may be denied.
* Winter clothes are extremelly recommended even in summer. The Observatory is 2200m above sea level. The access is a mountain road.
* There are no restaurant/shop facilities at the Observatory, please take some food and water with you.

* Contents, itinery, guides and conditions for the visits are designated by the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias. Our company is only responsible for the management of the visits following their instructions.

Steps for reservations:

1. See available dates in green and times below the calendar. Choose according to availability, quantity & type. Finish by clicking on "Book now" bottom. If there were no places available that suits your needs, you may enter a waiting list here. We strongly recommend to avoid using Explorer for reservations as it often creates problems such as available dates (green) being not visible.

2. Enter participants and buyer data. All fields are compulsory except for "observations", but you may add here other dates you are available in case we need to reschedule your visit. Contact details are particularly important here. For contact phone number please add your country code and no space between digits. On ID please add your passport number or NIE, Finish by entering "Next" & reading and accepting terms & conditions of the service.

3. Select a method of payment: paypal or credit card (also through paypal but no need to have an account). Fill in the data and accept. Please do not close this page until you receive and email from paypal confirming payment and another email from us with your tickets. Note: if you have a slow internet connection payment step may be disrupted. In case of not receiving your tickets after payment confirmation, please contact us immediately at Your tickets may have not be confirmed. More info at Reservation software*.

4. Finally, please make sure you have the map for the meeting point (More information section below), print out the ticket or have your booking reference number at hand on your visit date.

More information

Visitors: Note that before the visit the guide may ask you to provide a prove of ID particularly for residents with a discount fee and/or minors. Minors (and above 6 years old, to be allowed on the visit) must be always accompanied by an adult and must have a valid ticket. Entry is only allowed for everyone with a ticket and above 6 years old. Without the prove of age, identity or residence (in such cases) you may be denied of entrance to the visit. Pets are not allowed on the premises. Tickets are valid for the person/s named on it, on date and time specified.

Methods of payment: paypal o tarjeta de crédito. Razón social. AstroLaPalma SL, C.I.F. B76740265. 

Reservation software*: Please do not close your reservation page/payment provider page until you check your tickets/payment is complete (sent via email). This may cause technical problems with your reservation for which we are not responsible for such as: incomplete reservation, unconfirmed reservation by us with paid tickets & very seldom even overbooking. If in doubt, please email us at to solve the problem before your chosen date for visit. More contact date at the bottom of this page. 

*Cancellations on our part: 1. Your visit may be canceled unexpectedly by the Observatory, due to unforeseen circumstances in the operation of the telescopes or occurring adverse weather conditions that may affect safety in the accesses to the Observatory. Please see if there is snow, ice, landslides or weather warnings issued by local government  here: In any case we will ALWAYS send you a cancellation notification if visits are cancelled. In the event of cancellation, your ticket will be refunded except issuance costs (10 % due to managing fees). For groups of above 10 people this issuance costs are 30 EUR.  2. For every visit at minimum of 15 people is required. If we do not reach a minimum number, the visit will be cancelled and you will be refunded in full.
Refunds will be made within legal term which is 7 days.

Cancellations on clients part: Likewise any customer may cancel with a cost of 10% up to 10 days before the visit. For groups of above 10 people, cancellation fees are 30 EUR. Later cancellations by customer/group are non-refundable. Cancellations by customers must be in written (email at Refunds will be made within legal term which is 7 days.

* We will not held responsible if you have been wrongly informed by anyone or any website outside our own business. Please follow instructions as read on your tickets.

Changes of date of your visit: In some cases visitors may proceed to ask for rescheduling their visit. We can only proceed to do this on a first booked, first served basis depending on availability of guides, alternative dates, etc. Notifications of changes must be made at least 10 days prior to the original visit, in written and in office hours. In any case, we cannot guarantee changes of date as it is conditional on availability of places. We are not responsible for any errors on choosing dates/times on your part. In the event of cancellation due to unforeseen reasons (see above section), we may proceed to offer you an alternative date. If you confirm the change of date and do not attend to your visit on the new date, we will consider this an absence and you will not be reimbursed.

Terms and conditions: Before formalizing your reservation, please read carefully the basic information about data protection (, the general conditions of the service ( as well as the privacy policy ( and our legal notice (

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